Tuesday, June 8


i think i've done it and been around it more in the past week than in a long time. it's such a vital part of our relationship with God. i mean, how else are you supposed to have a relationship with someone if you don't talk with them? people here pray for anything and everything. as ty says, prayer could never hurt. i've prayed with people about being filled with the Holy Spirit, finding a job, approaching people for a scavenger hunt game, initiating with strangers, finding a baseball stadium, for food, for safety getting down a mountain. anything and everything. it's crazy. i love it. the only problem i'm encountering is that i don't want to always be the one doing the talking. i want to learn how to listen to Him respond. and at this point, i really don't know what that looks like for me. but i wanna figure it out.

yesterday was really good. i got to hang out with people, as well as paint and relax. it was good to just relax and have low-key fun. my body thouroughly appreciated the down time. :)
today is our first day of orientation at bubba gumps. i'm not really sure whats gonna go down today. we have orientation then dinner is at 6 and the 'cru' meeting is at 730. but i'm not sure when we'll get back from bubba gumps, and i have to practice/sound check with the worship team before the meeting, so we'll see what happens ;)

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