Tuesday, June 8


so we went in to bubba gumps this morning to do orientation. some of us got called and some didn’t. some got told they were doing retail and some didn’t. i got called but was not told either way, so i assumed i was going to be a server. well, turns out i’m working retail at the tshirt shop in the front. only 2 of the 7 of us are actually serving, when we were all planning to be servers and thats what we were told we would be doing by the staff leaders. when i heard i was doing retail, i def had mixed reactions. i was disappointed because it was not what i planned. but the other part of me is ok with it. retail can be just as fun and i’ll still get to talk to people, maybe more than servers. but it might be boring. i don’t get to memorize the menu (which for whatever reason i think would be fun). instead i have to fold shirts, which if i wanted to do that, i would’ve worked at the sportswear shop. but then it’s not about what i want to do. its about where God wants me. and since we didn’t choose what job we worked at bubba gumps, i can only assume it’s God’s choosing. so this is where i recognize the disappointment, and move on. get rid of my self-will and put on His. take whatever hand i’m dealt and use it as best i can to glorify Him. even if that’s folding shirts and walking the strip in hot jeans and ugly black shoes. we gotta stay focused on our purpose.

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