Wednesday, June 23

perfect timing and thunderstorms

well it was great to finally get a full shift in without getting cut. as i was walking home, it started to sprinkle. right when i got to the stairs to the condo, it started thundering and pouring. by the time i changed and went to the bathroom it was a torrential downpour with lots of wind. then i got to sit on the balcony and watch, not having to be walking through it. i love watching storms here. you couldn’t see the space needle when i firs got out there, and now its still sprinkling but you can see clearly again. :)

i wrote that earlier today. i've been having difficulties still with the internet. so sometimes i've been writing stuff into pages and then saving it, planning to post once i get internet again. sometimes i post them sometimes i don't. it's actually been a good thing because it makes me think twice before i hit 'publish post'. i've been told by a few people that i should watch what i write here. i want to tell you about stuff, but i don't want to get too personal and possibly endanger myself. there were pretty much two options, make the blog private (which i didn't really like) or to just watch what i write. so i'm doing the second. i'm making a conscious effort to write more of my personal struggles and issues and feelings in my journal that no one sees and giving it to God that way instead of writing it here and then maybe regretting posting all that to the public. sometimes i just need to type to get my feelings out and i dont think about the fact that hitting publish means that anyone can see it. again to my problem of either closing up or telling way too much. working on that. ;)

feeling more encouraged and solid in my relationships with people and God lately, which is wonderful. i think i might've already said this in another post, but i'm just having to remember (again!) that i can't and don't need to know everything. i'll never be able to comprehend all of God, so theres no need to get annoyed over the fact that i can't. and that relationships don't have defined 'steps' to make them better, closer, more intimate. theres no one way to get from surface level to more indepth. time and love pretty much. :)

after work and the great storm, we had a yummy dinner. it was my family's turn to clean up so we did that then everyone chilled a bit then reflection time. i chose to reflect on the abandoned chair lift. it was really nice. i liked watching the sun fall behind the mountains. my khaki shorts got dirty, but i don't really care cause it's wash out ;) then ashley and i went sharing on the strip. i'd say it was successful. we initiated with quite a few people. got shut down a few times and got in 4 decent conversations. no decisions or even going through the kgp, but it was still good. i've been feeling like i'm not ministering enough to people, esp since i'm alone at work most of the time, so it was nice to get out and feel like i was making the effort. :) then hanging out on the rockers and then out on our balcony and finally got internet. get to sleep in tomorrow which is exciting :) goodnight :)

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