Sunday, July 4


last 2 days have seemed like a whirlwind. yesterday: work all day. home to chill for a short bit and eat dinner. dgroup, my new one is my old one combined with another), go down to the church. help get balloons ready for the parade. i ended up being in charge of making the bouquets of balloons and making sure everyone had one. we had like 4 sizes of balloons, your normal size, normalish jumbo size, plus 17” ones and 60” ones. the 60” ones didn’t get blown up quite to 5 feet, but they were still big. the bouquets had to be balancedish and consist of different sizes of balloons, hopefully only one huge one. i didnt even think ‘hey, i’m going to be in charge of this’, it just happened. all the sudden everyone was asking me what to do and i was making them all. when the rest of the people got there, it got a bit frustrating because they wouldn’t listen or do what i asked so we could know whether we had enough. 2 bouquets escaped and got caught in the power lines also... in the end, it all worked out and everyone had a good time in the parade carrying huge bouquets of helium balloons. after the parade we went and got huge foot-long corn dogs at the arcade place then came home and went to bed. today: church. short nap. lunch at mountain lodge. short nap. band practice. shower. last women’s time with the staff. it was really cool. they did this PEARLS series thing that 2 other projects also did. lots of good practical information. today we even all got invisible-look necklaces with 5 real pearls each. legit. i don’t know if i own any other real pearls. after that we went and did evangelism and i got in a cool conversation with a lady with lindsay. came back and had dinner and now chilling til fireworks time. the fireworks are going off at the concrete pad right next to our balcony so we’ve got an awesome view! exciting :) tomorrow i’m going on a sunrise hike at clingman’s dome, super excited! :)

overall, i’m still feeling pretty good. i feel like i’ve been doing a bit better with being intentional and making God and growing in Him and initiating with people a higher priority and a reality. not saying i couldn’t def do more, but i’m happy with the direction i’m going right now. right now, i’m just excited for life. everything it holds. from the rest of this project, to next school year, to later hopefully finding a man and having a family and finding a great job i love. forming great relationships with people and leaving a legacy for Christ. all for His Glory. it’s exciting, all the possibilities and opportunities. still a bit physically tired, and sometimes mentally/emotionally.. but i’m determined to keep on truckin and lean on the Lord for rest and energy and strength. no one said i’d get the best sleep of my life here on project, but i know it’s all worth it. and i hope that all that i’m doing here is in according to His will, and when it is, He’ll keep my paths straight and give me everything i need! i’m also kinda excited to see the impact this time will have when i get back home and then back to school. how i can further my impact for His kingdom. it’s all just exciting stuff! :)

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