Thursday, September 30


so it seems to be affecting everyone. it's busy season. everyone's life is just getting busy. mine included. classes are giving more work/studying. now that i'm tutoring, i've got that too. and then being gone last weekend. and now more doctors appointments (so fun!) next week, complicating classes and scheduling. but it's all been really really good. i don't know if i've just had a better perspective/been closer to God, or i'm just too busy to think/overanalyze. i'm gonna go for a mix of all the above. spending time with people lately, having lots to do... i don't have to find my fulfillment and joy in this world. but the little bits and pieces add up. tutoring people, even if i'm not really making that much money, is rewarding. i can help people and be productive and gives me something to do with my time. and helps fill up my people quota :) and that plus the random sightings of friends on campus, lunch/dinner with friends, and the every now and then deep good convo, plus my real quota filler God... :) good stuff. i've also realized that when something happens, esp with physical health stuff, i dwell on it for a day (sometimes 2) and then just move on. i find the peace of it in God and keep going. i'd rather that then dwell on it for forever, but it's still annoying that i get wrapped up in it at all. i don't know that theres really away to not get slightly wrapped up in it, being human and all.
anywho. life is good. potential. fulfillment from God (not from this world/people who will eventually let me down). legit. :)

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