Friday, September 17

who knows.

it's been a while since i posted... oops.
anyways. when i think about the last week, i dont know. i feel like so much has happened yet nothing at all has happened at the same time. nothing particularly remarkable has happened physically. well my parents came for parent weekend last weekend so that was nice. it's always nice to see them and be with them. :)
it's more just been a daily, sometimes hourly, battle to keep my head on straight. just generally having trouble remembering and dwelling on the truth and not believing the lies. it all seems very complicated and confusing. i want to figure it out and get it straight but so often feelings can seem so much like the truth. and it's all a big knot of yarn. too bad i don't have scissors to just stop my brain from thinking... ;) i want to and feel like and try to explain it to someone else, but its just so confusing and contradictory that i'm not even sure whats going on in my head, so its impossible to explain it to someone else.
i'm trying. to focus on the truth. to stop thinking so darn much about every little thing. blah.

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