Thursday, December 23


much going on lately. with all the various activities and events of the holidays. seeing friends i haven't seen in too long. christmas. family time. winter cru conference. with trying to figure out what i want to do with my life and planning how to accomplish it. with free time that seems to waste away quicker than you realize. with this overactive brain of mine thats currently set on staying on the topic of relationships (or lack of). with the constant energy to stay tight with God when i'm no longer in a routine and my emotions seem to be everywhere.
there's much trouble and confusion. but there's much grace and love. how much more with God give those who put their faith in Him. how much more valuable we are to God than the birds and flowers. how much fruit we can bear. how much more glory there will be in heaven. and frankly these good muches outweigh all the icky muches. how ever much things seem confusing and helpless, there is so much more help and direction from God. God always outweighs the crap of this world.
so what much are you focusing on?

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