Tuesday, December 28


it snowed this past weekend. i awoke on Christmas morning to a snow covered white wonderland. the black pea coat i wore outside just happened to keep the snowflakes rather intact instead of melting them instantly. some of the flakes were so big that when they landed on my jacket you could see the actual six-sided structure of them. it was amazing. that something that tiny is so structured yet still visible. we also went on a Christmas snow walk. it was beautiful. everything was white. we threw snowballs at eachother (it was great packing snow!) something about snow just makes everything more magical. it was so peaceful and beautiful. and later i tried out my new hammock (yay!) and snow hammocked for a little bit until i couldn't feel my fingers anymore. something about nature just makes me feel God even more. it's so pure and beautiful when we don't mess with it. and to think that this is just a fraction of the true beauty of nature and God. even if we haven't touched the nature, it is still on this world and is tainted with sin. and our eyes are tainted with sin, dulling our vision. so how much more amazing and so-beautiful-you-don't-have-words will things be in heaven when things are no longer tainted? this is just a taste.

in other news, i'm off to encounter, campus crusade's winter conference for my region, today. i'm super excited to see my friends from school, family from project, and of course have lots of good Jesus time and teaching. :)

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