Monday, December 13


its easy to be overwhelmed sometimes. with life. with God. thats where i feel i'm at right now. school has been rather overwhelming lately with final exams and the such. social life here at school has been overwhelming because we are all so busy with finals and planning to head home for the break. it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and not know which way is up. i also feel like right now i'm overwhelmed with myself, with God. i'm overwhelmed with the things He has done in my life this semester, that He's still here and we're still going and He still adores me. i'm overwhelmed by what i'm finding out about myself, the tendencies and character traits that are from God but not always used that way. i'm overwhelmed by how i've grown, but even more how much i still have to grow. how much crap i still have to work through and work on. i'm overwhelmed by the sunrise to my left, nothing in particularly jaw-dropping, just a sun rising on a cold winter day. but theres a thin layer of snow on the grass and the fact that God continues to bring light to me everyday is overwhelming. i'm in a whirlwind of His love and my insignificancies and shortcomings. it's hard to know which way's up sometimes.

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