Thursday, December 9

these things called finals..

how am i supposed to study a whole semester's worth of material? if i don't know it well enough now, i probably won't tomorrow morning. and i've been doing well in my classes so far, so am i really gonna poof forget everything? and sometimes i think studying too much freaks me out and i end up doing worse instead of just trusting my brain. so here we are, on reading day, a day without classes, designated to be spent studying (which i'm not even sure i know how to do). so you don't get dressed and you procrastinate by eating and watching one tree hill and talking to people, then read your notes some. i'd have to say finals time is one of the loneliest times of the year though for sure. everyone's going every which way studying and doing all sorts of things. and so you end up with quite a bit of time alone. and when you are with people, everyone is so preoccupied by exams and the stress and excitement that break is soon. so it all seems so fake and distant and school work becomes an idol in everyones life it seems like. finals are overrated i think. if they were just another test we wouldn't freak out near enough. but everyone fears that they'll forget everything they've learned or they haven't learned anything all semester and cram to learn it all in a couple days. i love being at school and i love the friends and everything here, but finals week just sucks. even when i'm not worried out about my exams. :p

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