Friday, December 3

to add on to that last post...

i just can't stop thinking about it and how thankful i am for all God has given me and done this past semester. even though i still have crap going on and things don't always work out, i feel like now i really know and BELIEVE that people love me. that even when people know me really well and see all the crap wrong with me and know i'm not perfect, they still love me and care for me. granted, not everyone in the world is like that, but i'm finding lots that are. and to think, for the longest time i had myself convinced that i was fine on my own and didn't need anyone or that just one or two other people in my life was enough. it's such a God thing. i can see all the facets of His creation in all of these people. ahh. it's just so amazing. i don't really have any other way to explain it... :)

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