Tuesday, March 29


it doesn't usually have a good connotation. we don't want to be dependent. when i hear the word 'dependent', the first things that come to my mind are drugs, clingy, needy, weak... not things that people want to be associated with. but i'm learning how dependency really is the only way to live. let me qualify that statement though, dependency on God is really the only way to truely live. our culture continually tells us to be independent. we don't need help, we can do it on our own. we don't want to follow someone else, we want to be unique. however, if you really look at our patterns, we call out for help and follow things all the time. we gripe to our friends, we follow the trends set by whoever is popular at the moment. we are creatures made to be dependent. it's in our genes. we are born dependent. babies can't make it on their own, they have to depend on their mother or whoever else is around. what makes us think that things will change so radically just because we learn how to drive a motorized vehicle or take harder classes somewhere away from home? this life is a life of dependency. so who are you depending on to save you? because you are, whether you want to admit it or not.
whether i'd like to admit it or not, i've depended on other people all my life. my family especially and also friends. we were never meant to do this life alone. but depending fully on other people, humans who will inevitably fail, for life, joy, spiritual growth, love, everything, is not how we were meant to be. we were made to depend on God for everything. not just what we're willing to give up. He calls us to surrender everything and depend on Him. He will never fail you. He has our best in mind at all times. He turns all bad into our good. why would you want to depend on someone who will eventually fail in some capacity, as all us humans do, when you could depend on Someone who will never leave you? through various circumstances, i'm learning just how vital this concept is. how even though i'd rather not admit it, i still depend on other things other than God, especially for my spiritual growth and wellbeing and fullness feeling. and that He will always be there, my solid Rock, my Counselor, my Shepherd. that no matter what i'm going through, He will guide me and keep me. i can depend on Him.
so my question to you again is who/what are you depending on?

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