Friday, April 1


1- dinner with friends that make me laugh like i'm a kid again.
2- playing a song well enough to be sung along to the day i got it.
3- first day of first choir tour.
4- roughing it in cabins on a ridge.
5- really good concert that was just fun.
6- listening to people's marry boff kill- and finishing my first choir tour.
7- got accepted as an RA for 2011-2012!
8- picking up trash on the side of the road.
9- i'm gonna be an RA in the LLC!
10- semi-productivity.
11- He makes all things work together for my good.
12- finding shorts i like and best friend time.
13- family time walking around the lake.
14- being crafty and getting messy in the process.
15- a whole dy with mommy.
16- a real lazy day.
17- chill friend time and chocolate cake.
18- hammocking, 80 degree day, family walk, and sunroom mom talk- a glorious day.
19- another glorious day of hammocking and family time.
20- back to school, and motivated to finish the semester.
21- back to the grind, and finishing Jeremiah.
22- a summer day in march.
23- a beautiful warm relatively productive day.
24- going on the roof of minges.
25- getting to relax alone after a busy week.
26- helping with the little science nerd kids.
27- movie night with the roommates.
28- deciding to just surrender.
29- my eyes are allergic to life.
30- painting and a great workout.
31- learning.

1 comment:

Pack Mule Mama said...

#6-What's "marry boff kill"?

Kinda like #15. :D

#26-helping little nerds to become big nerds? ;) Awesome.