Sunday, April 10

time flies when it's warm out.

i haven't exactly been real diligent with this stuff lately... oops. things like choir concerts, studying for organic chemistry, registering for classes, and weather that makes me want to do nothing but be outside kind of have been distracting me...

something i keep getting reminded of lately is that God really does have a plan in everything and things will work out the way they should in the end. relationships that seem confusing and pointless will, with time and prayer and surrender, become what the Lord intends them to be. friendships and relationships will form in their own time. opportunities and experiences come when you least expect them. suffering and hard times are sucky, but they have a purpose. God will find the righteousness in them all. we are called to rely on Him only. when we give up our ties to this world, it actually seems to straighten up. we're called to suffer alongside Jesus in this world, being witnesses for His love and glory. and when we keep persective and priorities, the things that aren't quite right don't seem to matter so much. He will fulfill His promises, in His own time. we have no right to worry about the clock when we serve the Creator of time. when it really comes down to it, this seemly complicated way of life, of faith, is really the simplest way to live. i thank God every day for revealing Himself to me, for giving me this forgiveness, grace, mercy, peace, and joy that can come from no where else.

this is legit:

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