Tuesday, April 19

He is faithful.

i've been reading through the Bible chronologically. i started the first of April and have been trying to read a couple of the blocks everyday. currently, i'm into Exodus. it's funy because this morning i read the Passover story, which is ironic seeing as it started last night.
the Old Testament isn't always the most riveting thing to read... it doesn't contain the guidelines that the New Testament does, the things that are unmistakenly applicable to our current lives. the Old Testament has plenty of guidelines in it, but a lot of them don't really apply anymore now that the Messiah has come, and it's hard to know what still applies and what doesn't so it's usually easiest to just skim over all of them, which is what i find myself doing most of the time. that's something i really want to explore, Old Testament laws vs. New Testament ones and how literally we are to take them in our lives. anyways, back to what i was saying. it's been real cool to read things chronologically, in the order they happened, and see how things fit together. and having a decent knowledge of the New Testament so i can see how it fits in different places. one thing that keeps sticking out to me is how faithful He is. that when His people are being held captive in Egypt, He works for their favor and eventually they are freed. it isn't always in the timing that the Israelites wanted, just as He doesn't always do the things we want in our timing. but it happens. He kept sending plagues to Egypt to get the Pharaoh to set them free. things like killing all their crops and livestock and sending them into complete darkness. yet still "the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart once more, and he would not let them go" (ex 10:27). though it took the radical act of killing all the firstborn sons, eventually God softened Pharaoh's heart, allowing His people to return to their rightful place.

this is a story most of us know and have heard. i hear it, think 'oh yea, the Passover, that was cool,' and move on. but when i really think about it, it demonstrates God's faithfulness. He'll do what He says He's gonna do. He's not a liar. and when we don't trust that He'll do what He's said, we are calling Him a liar. i know i don't appreciate being called a liar, and i doubt God does either. but even when we doubt Him, He still pulls through. when things finally work out, we get excited, and quickly forget. just something to ruminate on... how faithful are you in believing He is faithful? it doesn't matter what you do or say or think, God is going to be God. but He'll get so much more glory when believe and trust. we don't need a miracle to believe.

i love this song, it expresses my heart-wrenching desire to praise Him and my human inability to do so fully.

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