Thursday, April 21

prayer in the morning, praise by night.

this has described my last two days. starting the day off with prayer, and ending it with praise.
tuesday, i knew i had a crazy busy day ahead. i had class, weight training, lifeguarding class, a practical to study for, a doctor's appt (nasal septum surgery probably in my future sometime...), choir, a meeting, a cookout, and cru to end it all. none of that was bad or anything, i just woke up knowing it would be a busy, eventful, taxing day. knowing it would be one of those days, i lay in bed about to get up for the day and prayed for His strength and guidance. that i couldn't do it on my own strength and be successful, that i needed Him. and so the day went, everything went well and exciting things happened. and then to end the day, i went to cru. we just sang worship songs the whole time. it was wonderful. a roomfull of college kids, with nothing better to do (really, we dont have anything better to do but worship him, no matter how much homework we have to do) worshiping and singing to our Creator. it was just a sweet time and a great way to end a busy day. thanking Him for all He's done, for getting us through the day.

and it all happened again yesterday. not the same events, but the heart-mode was the same. prayer in the morning, praise by night. we (meaning me and 2 others) gathered to pray together after our first class. it's a time i look forward to every week, knowing that i get the priviledge to pray together with others while swinging on a porch and taking a break from classes. and we always go get chocolate milk after too which is just a wonderful closing to prayer. the day continued in its richness with a glorious lunch with 2 amazing friends, 'studying' outside with more great friends, acing an anatomy practical, eating and relaxing on the porch swing with 2 more great friends, then relaxing and having roommate talk. and capping it all off with a cookout run (what else would you expect?) with 3 wonderful friends and seeing 2 more girls there. they screwed up our order, but it was fine. then going to bed with the window open again. after a day like that, filled with lots of time soaking in the love and ease of relationships that are slowly teaching me i truely am loved, it's hard for my heart to not be full of praise. so i lay down in bed falling asleep with a song in my heart and what feels like praise seeping through my pores. another day with prayer in the morning, and praise by night. these are the days, the moments, i look back to and smile. though there was nothing specific that was world-rivitingly amazing, the little things pile up quick. and of course easter break starts today, so that might have something to do with it ;)
i guess it's a good sign when you have trouble settling down to fall asleep because you can't stop praising the Lord. ;)

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