Monday, May 2


1- a failed april fools attempt.
2- Haydn Harmoniemesse.
3- great church, parents, time with friends, first sunburn of the year, and a gushing wound to top it off.
4- a relaxed blustery day.
5- one day without shoes.
6- prayer, chocolate milk, and walking.
7- registered for fall, exercise, and outside time.
8- hope - in the weather, for community, and the future.
9- summer storm and seeing project family.
10- having to spend time with friends to study.
11- His Glory is all around, you just have to put your seeing eyes on.
12- satan is stupid- he's gonna lose.
13- my name is graven on His hands, my name is written on His heart.
14- bungee jumping and deep water rescues.
15- wisteria field picnic.
16- relaxed day to myself.
17- lake, dress, and productivity.
18- choir pictures with good ol' Martin.
19- spring dress and a flower in my hair.
20- one of those spring days you look back to and smile.
21- home to a house full of family.
22- Good Friday spent with family all day.
23- first 5k then relaxed lazy sunday.
24- Easter spent relaxing with the fam.
25- back to school to bust out the last little bit.
26- a day of winding-downs and awesome Jesus stuff.
27- satan attacking.
28- staying up late, trampoline jumping, and cookout shopping.
29- last friday of classes, and good talk/hang time.
30- sleeping in and last official concert til europe.

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