Saturday, May 14

should probably post something....

well, since the last time i posted i've:
finished up all my classes of my sophomore year of college.
hiked and saw the sun rise.
took 4 exams and passed them all.
moved all my stuff home with the help of my lovely parents.
went back to school to sing for bacc and am back home again.
to come soon:

as always, the end of the school year is a relief but awful at the same time. it's always nice getting done with the classes you've grown sick of, to stop studying. it's a unique thing to be stressed and spend insane amounts of time studying, only seeing friends to eat or study. it's exhilirating but miserable at the same time. and then comes the awkwardness of it all, finishing up what has become routine and knowing you'll soon leave and won't see these common places and people again for 3 months (or longer if they're graduating/transferring). every year it's weird and every year it happens. the goodbyes and see-ya-laters. theres something so final about a goodbye, a later is so much more comforting. but life isn't always comforting or easy. this earth keeps turning and life keeps ticking and things keep changing. as i stood on stage singing for the seniors at bacc, i couldn't help but imagine how it'll be me in two short years. that feels like so long, but i'm already halfway done. crazy. and the more the realities of time set in, the more i want to make it count. to be worthwhile and intentional. and it's crazy to think that so much of our lives are spent worrying about time and timing and plans, when our Creator made time and is not ruled by it at all. such an contradition, don't ya think? just another sign that we shouldn't worry about the timing and plans and actions, but the purpose and heart and glory of it all.
so. this summer, as i might've mentioned but i'm not really sure.... in 2 short days, i will be in Europe. monday morning i fly out with 39 others for Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic for choir tour for 2 weeks. i'm really excited. i love flying (at least the thrill of taking off and landing... 8 hr flights can get boring in the middle... but they're still better than 12 hr drives). i haven't ever been to anywhere we're going either. and i've never been on a choir tour abroad (esp since i just went on my first choir tour period this spring). it'll definitely be a new experience and i'm really excited. i have no clue what to expect, and i'm ready to just be go with the flow. i really hope i can get a window seat. i'm not bringing my computer and who knows how much internet access i'll have, so no promises on updates while i'm there. you'll at least get the sentence-a-days after the fact.
just 4 days after arriving back in the US, i will be off to camp for most of the rest of the summer. i'm working at Camp Crestridge for Girls as a counselor (and lifeguard on the side). i'm super excited but like Europe, don't really know what to expect. i've never been to summer camp as a camper, let alone be a counselor. i'm sure it'll be amazing and humbling and growing. i'm looking forward to pretty much everything about it, from the nature-y-ness to getting to build relationships with the other staff and campers. we have a week of staff training which should prepare me for everything and help me feel confident about my job. then 8 weeks of campers.
just 6 days after coming home from camp, i'll be moving back in to school to start RA training. but i don't wanna think that far ahead yet. :)

so. there's my update. hopefully i'll post pictures/updates on Europe and then on camp.

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