Wednesday, June 1


i'm back from my 2 week galavant in central europe for a cappella choir tour. it was lots of fun and full of great new experiences. i saw many things i've never seen before, i made better friends with choir members, and i ate lots of different food. and now i'm back home to the same old same old, though a heat wave is going through. and soon i'll be leaving for camp for pretty much the rest of the summer. you can read my little one sentence things for the days i was gone, but i thought i'd put up some pictures too :) there's alot more pictures on my facebook too.

an old palace in Warsaw, Poland

the Old Town square in Warsaw

chapel inside the salt mine- we sang here!

Krakow, Poland by night



field beside a church we sang at near Salmopol, Poland

St. Vitus cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic

posing with my alto buds in a Prague square

Janusz- the best tour guide ever, he led us the whole trip!

view of Altenburg, Germany- our sister city

leah, our host sister Valerie and me

all of us around Martin Luther's grave in Wittenberg, Germany

right before our last concert in Hamburg, Germany

our bus and awesome bus driver Richard

that's just a snipet of everything... so much happened and it's hard to explain it in one blog post. lots of inside jokes, fun and fellowship with friends, singing for all different people in different settings, trying different foods, experiencing 3 different languages, seeing huge fields of yellow rapeseed and tons of windmills, trying foreign beer (still disgusting), being sleep deprived, and just overall having the experience of a lifetime. :)

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