Wednesday, June 1


1- braves game with some great girls.
2- first day of the last week- awkward phase begins.
3- choir banquet, cru leadership, and night time storms.
4- last day of sophomore year classes- ah!
5- sunrise hike and a productively chill reading day.
6- study, test, study, eat, study, movie, study, eat, study, eat, bed.
7- final finals and packing up school life.
8- back home with my amazing family.
9- family walk and delicious homemade dinner.. summer is good.
10- relaxing at home.
11- getting real excited about summer things to come.
12- spending the night at a friend's.
13- sang at baccalureate but no bad luck on friday the 13th.
14- farmer's market lunch and quality friend and mother-daughter time.
15- packing for europe- deciding to leave white bear behind- does this make me a grownup now?
16- flying to europe and got to see bnor and rachel in the atl airport.
17- warsaw, poland and the longest day of my life.
18- first foreign concert and sip of foreign beer.
19- concert in the salt mine, lots of bus time, and tour by night.
20- shopping in the krakow old town square.
21- gorgeous mountain scenery after a sad auschwitz tour.
22- long church concert then prague - yay for a new language i still dont understand.
23- exploring prague and encountering interesting people.
24- germany - met our host family in altenburg.
25- concert at the school and a wonderful nature walk.
26- leipzig day and best shower yet.
27- saw luther's house and pretty french-style gardens and in the last city of the tour.
28- last formal concert and an interesting at the pub.
29- last europe day, with talks about superpowers and riddles.
30- home, safe and exhausted after a great 2 weeks abroad.
31- 'chill' day at home in the heatwave.

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