Wednesday, August 10

a new nose...

so i had a badly deviated septum (apparently it crooked like 90 degrees in one spot!) but not anymore! monday i had surgery to straighten it and reduce some of the turbinates in there... it hasn't been awful recovery, the first whole day i was kinda out of it and now that the packing is out i can kinda breathe except my nose is constantly running with healing stuff... my right eye/upper cheek is kinda swollen still and therefore my eye keeps watering... i'm hoping i'll be feeling more normal by friday when i have to move back into school. i'm still wearing a 'drip pad' under my nose for the ebb and flow of stuff... so hopefully i'll be fine with just having a kleenex on hand by friday too... only time will tell. i'm not the best at being patient... ;)

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