Thursday, August 18

back to school.

im back at school, already!
had my nose surgery and it's healing well despite it sometimes is still runny and is still sensitive and my sinuses don't seem very happy to have been messed with... right now my breathing is about the same it was before the surgery but as swelling goes down it should get better and better.
i'm here at school early for RA training. it's been kinda boring at times just listenening to speakers but some things have been fun/interesting too. we did a cool activity on diversity and role played all sorts of things we might walk in on in a room. today is the last day of training cause little freshies move in tomorrow. i'm in an upperclassmen dorm so i don't have to do much with them except help them move in tomorrow... i feel pretty well prepared and ready for my job as an RA. it's definitely some added responsibilities but nothing i wont be able to handle. especially since i'm in the nerd upperclassmen dorm... not too much goes down over here ;)
i'm loving having my own room, it just adds freedom to my life... i can get up or be up and do whatever i want in my room whenever i want/need since i'm never keeping someone else awake or anything... and i've made sure it's nice and cute and colorful ;)

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