Wednesday, August 31


well, haven't posted in a while. classes have started and i'm pretty well settled into classes and my RA role... so far classes and the work with them hasn't been really much at all. the fact that i'm taking all science classes (plus choir and piano but i never really count those) means most of it is just studying and making sure i understand the concepts. unlike organic last year, none of them really require weekly assignments/problems to do. it's kinda weird having so much time but also really nice. which leads me to my title. overloaded. that is what my body is currently... i think it's finally caught up to me, the constant go go go of the last like 6 months. pretty much right after school ended i went to europe for 2 weeks, then only a few days later went to work at camp for 9 weeks, then right after that had surgery, and not even a week after that i'm back at school for RA training and then classes start... that's alot of energy-expending, stress-inducing things back to back without any good chunk of time for my body to recover. to be honest, i was expecting it to happen. i know my body, and it can only take so much for so long. i think the adrenaline has been pulling me through, but now that classes are pretty much back to the groove of things, there's nothing to pump that epinephrine through my blood and tissues. so this leaves me feeling unmotivated in general (luckly i don't have tooo much to do yet), tired and achy, still congested and lots of sinus pressure, and recently a sore throat and not so happy intestinal tract... went to the dr cause i felt especially awful today and got a z-pack for the questionable strep/sinus infection so hopefully i'll feel better soon. and of course to add to the pile of stress, it's hormone time and i'm starting to really think/freak about grad school and i'm doing a sprint triathlon this weekend... trying to make my body as happy as possible while i can...

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