Sunday, September 4


1- last day off with the sister.
2- a crazy day but totally worth the stress.
3- boys waterfront, last cp, then saw a bear!
4- packing and being rebellious.
5- crazy delirious last night at camp.
6- home from camp and a wreck.
7- semiproductive day at home.
8- septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction.
9- recovering.
10- getting antsy but improving.
11- more recovery and some friend time.
12- moved in but not quite ready for a new year to begin.
13- first day of RA training and my first visitors.
14- church, training, friends, and being creative.
15- powerful diversity training and lots of creativity.
16- crying laughter in the caf after a long day of serious RA training.
17- behind closed doors and pizza time.
18- chill last day of RA training.
19- freshman move in- hard to remember 2 yrs ago.
20- a chill day of painting, reading and biking.
21- chill day of checking people in then my first night on duty.
22- cru meeting, first hall meeting, and a cockroach.
23- first day of classes, yay for routines!
24- more classes and socializing and reading out of boredom.
25- swam and am bored without real homework yet.
26- opening convo, cru cookout, and unexciting weekend duty.
27- lazy saturday with a dash of productivity.
28- getting back into ultimate frisbee.
29- a busy day of classes and people.
30- crazy day and first cru of the year.
31- feeling crummy, getting drugs, and trying to listen to my body for once.

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