Monday, October 31

a barefoot blue jean night.

this weekend was wonderful.  friday i finished my hours of 'internship' stuff for this semester so thats out of the way.  mom and dad and mary came over that night and we had dinner and dessert.  it's always great all being together, even if just for a night to exchange cars ;)  then saturday i got to sleep in and have lots of sweet Jesus time.  worked concessions for the football game (which we won) then watched the girls soccer win, making them season champs (or whatever thats called).  then ended up going over to ashley's house, we had a bonfire and slept over.  it was wonderful.  i got to spend time with friends i don't get to see nearly enough and i wasnt feeling like i had to initiate and be crazy and energetic and welcoming if i didn't feel like it.  but i had an amazing time chopping up pallets with an ax, sitting by the fire, setting off cheap bottle rocket fireworks and sleeping on a couch that was more comfortable than my bed.  and after being forced to listen to country music all night, it wasn't THAT bad.  probably not something i'll ever choose to listen to, but no other music would've fit a bonfire.  saturday was just a wonderful day, filled with many things i love.  sunday was pretty normal but i got to have homemade (not mass produced) spaghetti twice and got my hair curled (which it still is wavy even after sleeping and a whole day!).  it's almost annoying having such a good weekend cause it makes coming back to the usual school more unexciting and i want everyday/every weekend to be like that and it wont.  i'm just so thankful for the friends and opportunities God places in my life everyday, even if it's not what i'm planning or expecting at the moment.  

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