Saturday, October 1


1- feeling better but bored to death in bio lab, but a productive night on duty.
2- a stress-filled day of a fire alarm and getting hopelessly lost.
3- i am now a triathlete!
4- camp best friend time and deciding to change.
5- rain and racquetball.
6- a rainboot dady without rain.
7- home for the night- good talk time with mom.
8- swam, napped, sang, and studied.
9- a non-Friday-feeling Friday.
10- a chill day relaxing alone.
11- choir memorial and turbulent thoughts.
12- a sunny outside day.
13- productive in more ways than just one.
14- taking time to stop and connect.
15- a really great joyful peaceful day. :)
16- cold but happy friday.
17- chill cold day and then a first home game win!
18- great time with great people.
19- exhausted for no real reason.
20- busy day but real rewarding.
21- rainy bum productive day.
22- got to have poppy time and sleep in!
23- fall getaway!
24- legit truth and fun times.
25- back to LR and a nice hot shower.
26- exciting day of future opportunities.
27- cru worship much needed.
28- some struggs, some legit, need more Holy Spirit.
29- sweet Jesus time and convos.
30- vulnerability then skatin in the middle school stompin grounds.

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