Friday, November 18

i am who i am, take it or leave it.

coming to realize and learn alot about myself lately...
like the fact that apparently my intelligence and outward confidence makes me intimidating to other people and that my awkward shyness may come across as snobbyness, which they are totally not meant as.  i am going to be who i am, i am who God made me to be.  He made me intelligent, with a capable brain, and i plan to use it.  it might not make me a whole lot of close friends because it takes work to truely know someone.  but i'm ok with that.  God will always be with me, whether anyone else is or not, and that's what matters.  i've learned to not go running after people when they shrug me off repeatedly.  in some ways i just wanna get to heaven where i'll be with the Lover of my soul forever, but i know He has a purpose for me here (which i'm still trying to discern the details of).  and He tells me to not lose heart because i will come across troubles in this world.   i don't have a 'type' but i don't need to fit one.  i am His Beloved and that's what really matters.