Tuesday, November 1


1- lazy day and a night at the fair.
2- brett's ride, workout, and laundry avalanche.
3- moody tired monday.
4- rocky day towards the end.
5- getting a better attitude- maybe the flu shot had happy hormones in it...
6- a much better warm duty day/night.
7- oktoberfest with lots of cool people.
8- homecoming festivities and winning football and women's soccer.
9- college lunch, ragan visit, hammock time, and duty with only one office hour : score.
10- a happy monday.
11- finally being able to get things off my chest.
12- joy sprouting from no specific source.
13- home for fall break!
14- sister day and room cleaning.
15- fall family day out to the mountains.
16- fall family day relaxing at home.
17- three doctors and a space station sighting.
18- last day of fall break and back to hickory.
19- back to classes and being academically productive.
20- 82 degree pool on a 40 degree day equals happiness.
21- a very lovely octover friday.
22- sunrise hike up kitsuma and amazing talk time.
23- great church and relax time.
24- monday monday.
25- piano is my escape.
26- productive but exhausting hump day.
27- got in a hammock nap. :)
28- got to see mom, dad and mary again!
29- games, bonfire, and sleepover.
30- spaghetti and curly hair.
31- halloween curls and faith.

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