Sunday, January 1


1- a really weird relax but back-to-back day.
2- snowball- bringing out the outgoing amy.
3- first Christmas concert of the year and time with the 'rents.
4- more friend time and resolution than a usual day- can every day be like this?
5- Christmas concert and more friend chill and catchup time -blessings.
6- swam, last concert, another movie and cuddle time- waiting for the pit.
7- last day of classes and just a good day.
8- a really great social but chill reading day.
9- first exam, lots of chill and a bumpin midnight breakfast!
10- another exam, and more chill socialness.
11- church then studying, studying, and more studying.
12- last exams and more social chilling - soo great to just share life.
13- shopping, crafting and chilling, again a social life!
14- chillin like a villain.
15- helped out at extreme makeover home edition.
16- got to see Amy then just crashing Ashley's life.
17- fire under a million stars.
18- towed, Christmas tree, and home.
19- GRE done.
20- got to see Heather and started a big puzzle.
21- doctor's to show i don't need drugs.
22- really chill rainy day at home.
23- shopping complete and puppy snuggles.
24- cookie making and movies.
25- Christmas!
26- relaxed day with the fam.
27- got to see all three of my hometown besties.
28- seeing so many lovely friends at Encounter!
29- lots of listening and hanging out.
30- dynamic.
31- outreach then praying in the new year.

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