Wednesday, February 29


i've been having a rather difficult time lately being content with still being single. i know that God is using this time for great things and to teach me things i need to learn on my own, but lately i've just become very impatient and actually prideful that i've learned everything i need to know so why haven't i met that guy yet...  it's been a journey and i won't lie that some days i'm so glad and thankful i've never been on a date but other days i just sit waiting and wondering if and when it'll ever be my turn.  2 things have helped me through this this past week, both other people's writing.
in just do something by kevin deyoung, he writes:
'let me say it one more time: there is nothing wrong with being single.  it can be a gift from the Lord and a gift to the church.  but when there is an overabundance of Christian singles who want to be married, this is a problem.  and it's a problem i put squarely at the feet of young men whose immaturity, passivity, and indecision are pushing their hormones to the limits of self-control, delaying the growing-up process, and forcing countless numbers of young women to spend lots of time and money pursuing a career (which is not necessarily wrong) when they would rather be getting married and having children.  men, if you want to be married, find a godly gal, treat her right, talk to her parents, pop the question, tie the knot, and start making babies.'
and this post:
"I don’t have the scars some girls carry from a really horrible breakup or relationship gone wrong. I have scars of an entirely different kind."
it's hard for sure, being the one that's never been on a date in her life.  except for obviously friend things on the fly, i've never eaten with a guy alone.  i'm not gonna pretend it doesn't hurt a little everytime i hear people getting asked on dates or getting love letters.  but i have to cling to the fact that His planning is best and His timing is perfect.  i may think i'm mature and ready, but that doesn't mean that my man is.  and i can't believe the lie that it's all my fault.  guys need to step up too.  i'm not saying i'm good at hanging out with guys cause i just never have had many guy friends, that i'm not part of the reason.  but i'm sure enough about how God intends things so i'll wait for that guy to step up and be a man and make a move. until then (and after that happens..) the Lover of my soul holds me and pursues me.

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