Wednesday, August 15


went on a sunrise hike this past sunday.  i try to go on one every year before the school year starts. something about hiking, seeing the sunrise, being in nature, helps me to refocus on what the coming year will hold and start my time on campus praising the Creator.  i know i've expounded multiple times on the immense Glory i see in sunrises, and nature in general.  for me, it's unmistakable that this is all a creation and that One created it. it was not a happen-chance deal, this earth.
i actually went alone this time, which i've not done before.  it was a bit scary but mostly glorious.  this summer has really taught me how to be alone and be ok with it and really use that time to my advantage. that i am never truely alone because He is always with me.  to quiet my soul and listen to it's Lover.  that i am not dependent on anyone except Him.  as i'm back at school, i'm already finding it hard to remember these lessons from the summer and apply them.  i'm such a busy-body and it can be hard to find myself with alone time and nothing in particular to get done.  He's still working on me, and i'm excited for all He'll teach me in that area and others this year.
the one thing that struck me with the view i experienced this sunrise hike was the return of Jesus.  the way the clouds and fog were, the sun came and went.  at first (as always), the sun was hidden but you could start to see the light and know it was on it's way.  then, in all it's glory, it slowly rose out of the mountains and fog.  in it's rich oranges and yellows it lit the mountainscape upon which i stood.  but there was another strip of clouds in it's path.  so eventually, as it continued to rise, the sun went behind this big cloud.  the burning mass of gas was hidden once again, but it's light was still evident.  the mountains below were bathed in a soft warm light and sunrays spread out of the cloud.  and then, finally, the sun was out of the clouds and bright as ever, unobstructed.
now you're probably wondering, 'ok, so there was a cloud in the way and the sun went behind it for a bit and came back out, big deal'... but the first thing it reminded me of was the Son. how for so long so many years ago He was hidden (before Jesus on earth).  He was present and you could even start to see His Light, but His body was hidden.  and then, bursting forth in glorious light, He came on earth and was no longer hidden (Jesus on earth).  there was no denying His glory, but He was soon hidden again (Jesus went back to heaven).  this is the time we live in now, knowing the Light and seeing it's evidence, but the Source is hidden. but soon, He will return (the second coming)! right now we can see His rays peeking from behind the clouds.  and someday soon He will burst forth once again, never to be hidden again! i don't know about you, but i'm pretty freakin stoked for that day!
side note: it also strikes me that our eyes can't fully comprehend the light of the sun so we see spots and can even go blind if we stare at it too long, in a similar way we can't fully comprehend the Son! that might be a weird connection in my brain that doesn't really make sense, but whatever...

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