Thursday, August 23


here is just a short list of things i am immensly thankful for from the past week:
-talking about Jesus with amazing choir girl friends
-a job on campus - lab assisting in a&p!
-scheduling of duty nights worked out
-weekly meal times with people figured out
-all the cru stuff organized
-placed as a soprano in choir - thought it'd be awful, but after one day i like it!
-taking a bunch of classes that i thought i'd hate but don't seem to be so bad afterall, maybe even interesting and exciting!
-being back to the wonderful community of the LR campus and ministry thereof
-7 years seizure-free!
-a cute colorful room to myself
-residents i don't forsee having issues with
-a quiet first night of duty in price
-a haircut badly needed
-rain so hard and fast that my windows leaked
-the security guys that i see driving the loop out my window every night
-the Lord's providence and plan in every freakin thing!!!

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