Wednesday, August 29

seven years.

seven years is a long time.  in that time span i've graduated high school and am well on my way to graduating college.  so much changes in seven years time.  the friends i see and talk to every day.  where i sleep.  what i look like to a certain extent.  my goals and plans for life.  but one thing has not changed in seven years.  and that is that through all that time i haven't had another seizure. though this disappearance in my life can be explained away by medications and hormone changes, i still see it as a miracle.  very easily i could've been relinquished to medication all my life and that they would've kept going after my hormones cooled their jets.  but God has blessed me (undeservedly) by allowing my brain to quit doing those funny things.  and the fact that they started in the first place was one of the big factors of life that pushed me towards the Gospel and to start thinking about what i really believed.  such a radical thing in a middle-schooler's life shook the foundations i thought were sturdy.  but through it all i've found the foundation that cannot be shaken.  and though hardship happens, i am thankful for it because it pushes me closer to the One who calms the storms with just a word.  so seven years.  a long time, but not really in the scheme of my life and eternity.  but i'm thankful nonetheless.  glory be to Him.

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