Saturday, September 15


dreams.  its the things that drive many people to do what they do.  the dream to graduate high school, college, get the job they think they'll enjoy, to marry a good man that loves them.  i've been doing a lot of day dreaming lately. and night dreaming too. with this being my last year of college here at LR, the future is becoming so much more real.  i can no longer ignore the fact that i won't be here forever. and with that reality comes dreams of what the future will hold.  of many more times enjoying the company of friends that mean so much to me and i don't want to leave. of a mission trip after graduation, sharing Jesus with the world and using my french.  of going to a specific grad school.  of coming back to LR to visit my best friends and listen to them sing.  of marrying a Godly man that pursues me and pushes me to pursue the Lord even more.  of marrying in a cute chapel and dancing that night away in a field of wildflowers. of working as a PA in the ER, showing Love to those who need it most.  of living in the same area i grew up (well after i was 8 anyways).  of living in a yellow house with a wrap-around porch with a grassy backyard bordered with flowers and fruit bushes. of continuing to share life with a best friend the Lord has put in my life, singing and  raising kids alongside her, continually guiding each other to the Lord's feet.  all of these things are what my heart yearn for lately.  it yearns for the time i pray i'll be blessed with for these things to happen and even more. it yearns to grow closer to my Beloved.  dreams are inspiring but scary at the same time.  we don't hold control over what happens, and though it's wonderful to have dreams and aspirations, nothing's guaranteed.  it's scary to put hope in dreams that may never come to fruition.  my heart's in a bind about it all lately, trying to figure out what to do with all these hopes bursting forth.  my soul longs to sing of the Lord's faithfulness and Love and ultimately He will provide the opportunities i can best do this through.  i put my trust in Him and pray i can live each day that i have here and now living Love. not wasting my mind and energy on the questions and hopes of the future, but rather spending all i am in this moment.  live abandoned to the One who will provide the longings of my heart and more.  in Him is overwhelming victory over evil and death. that's not a dream, that's a reality.

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