Thursday, August 7


I'm now in Blaye. It is in the heart of wine country. I love her house, all of it, esp my room and bathroom. The bathroom by my room has a toilet in it and a showerhead instead of a handheld thing. Makes me feel at home :) Mailys and I took an hour long walk to her brothers, on rural roads surrounded by grapes and chateaus. Cant quite complain. I have no clue what I'll do here for the last week and a half, other than a wedding the day before I leave. Right now, I really dont care, i love it here. Mailys said that this is really her home, where she really grew up. She said she really wants to get a job here, doesnt want to go to far from the river. I love it. :) Im not sure when Ill get internet access again, but do not fear, I will definitely post more before I leave. Im still at a bit of a loss on the presents thing, like what to get, who to get for, etc. See ya, Ive got to go ride on a scooter back through the fields :)

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