Wednesday, August 6

time flys when you're having fun

hey! im still alive! Im at Mailys' stepfather/mother's house... I was told thered be internet, and there was for about the first hour I was here and then it went stupid and stopped working, but now its alive again, just in time for me to leave... Her dad doesnt have internet, but like all her friends do and her brother does, so I should def be able to post some the remander of the trip. So tomorrow we're going to visit her brother, then to her dad's to stay the remaining week and a half. You all will have to wait until I get back home to get all the pictures and a more or less day to day description of what happened.. Monday we went to this ropes course thing then to the lake, and yesterday we went to a water park with her stepfathers stepdaughter. Her family is really confusing...
Ive been doing alot better than I was when I last posted, her mom has lightened up on me, Ive been less stressed, and ive been eating and feeling better. Im talking with the family and understanding more. One thing I like doing is watching american TV shows in French, its really funny:) Or just french tv shows in french, i can surprisingly easily understand them. Im half happy and half sad that my journey is half over, i still miss home and wouldnt want to stay here forever or anything, but i feel like i let so many opportunities and stuff slip by the first half. I dont want to regret anything though, so Im just taking it one day at a time and trying hard to immerse myself in this life and stuff so Ill get the most out of it and I wont think about how far from home and all that stuff as much. One thing I am mildly stressed by is presents for people. I want to get my family and close friends gifts, but I worry they wont think them french enough or something, because most of the stuff they have here is what we have in the US. I was thinking I could just find stuff that had french on it, even if it was something we have in the US. you know what I mean? Any input?? thanks :)Im getting better at these keyboards. Well, i dont know what else to say for now and Ive gotta go take a shower before dinner. See ya!
oh yeah, and i feel like im not taking enough pictures or buying enough things, I know this is stupid, someone tell me it is and justify it or something please? thanks :)

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