Tuesday, May 26

the simple things

One of the things I most enjoy, that cannot be bought is the after-swim feel.  Most people hate that feel of chlorine all over.  I ♥ it!  Swimming is cool and all and it's really nice to feel almost weightless and just float around, but the aftermath is the best.  After a shower, so that my hair doesn't go wacky and nasty on me, it's perfect.  The still chlorine-y feel on my skin, making it feel extra soft and smooth, my hair smelling wonderful and slicked back in a bun.  Oh, but save the best for last.  When I eventually take that bun down later in the day (sometimes I last until right before bed).  It's still damp and has some weird crimp or wave to it, but the smell is amazing.  I literally make my mom and dad smell my hair after I take it down everytime.  Theres something about the feeling of having gone swimming, the chorine, the freshly washed hair, even the worked-out muscles that are tired from swimming, and the slight hunger.  What's even better is the ride home.  With my hair in it's bun, my driver's window all the way down and some wonderful music coming out of the stereo.  I want it to just last forever.

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