Thursday, May 28


So, I was set and okayed to start going off my meds on June 8th. Well, the plan has changed.  URG.  Because I'm not 18 til late June, my drivers license will need to be renewed after my birthday. But if I start going off as we had planned, when I go to renew it I'll have to resubmit medical papers and they'll find out that I'm not 'controlled' anymore and take my license away. And then it takes a lot of extra work and hoop-jumping to get it back. SO, I have to wait another month to start.  Not at all cool. In any way.  Things were going to plan, I just knew something was going to go wrong. I was just hoping something wouldn't.  Hopefully this is the only bump in this road and I won't have anything go wrong when I finally get around to getting off.  I just want to get it over with!

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