Monday, June 15

Oh my gosh stress

So today was the day I went to LR to register for my classes for fall semester.  Well, I had it all planned out and everything worked, so when it got to individual advising, I was pretty good. Now, actually getting on the computer and signing up for those classes officially proved to be a different thing entirely.  For one, they said they were starting it at 1:30, but people were in computer labs doing it at 1, aka not cool line cutting.  Then, you had to sign in using a password they gave me back at the beginning of the year, that I thought I remembered but apparently didn't. So, I had to go to the IT guys to get a new password.  Finally, I got logged in, to find that like half the classes I had planned for at the times I wanted were already full (mind you, it was just 1:35 at this point)  How do classes fill up that quickly?!  Because of my major in exercise science, I need to take Chemistry and Physics this first year.  Well, Physics is only offered at one time, with two different lab times.  Chemistry is offered only at the same time as physics, and an other time and the two lab time options are the same times as the physics ones.  I log in to find that no Chemistry is open, only one chem lab is open and the only physics open has the same lab time as the only chem lab open.  The english I was going to take was full too.  So I just put them all in my 'cart' and then logout.  I have no clue how this will work out so that I can graduate.  I go out the lab to see my mom standing and waiting for me with a questioning face, and I just shake my head.  If she wasn't there telling me to relax, that we would work it out, I would have cried right there.  It was coming.  Not to mention it was torrentially raining and thundering and lightning and we're on the top floor of the library and everyone is worried we'll lose power or something.  So.  I go out and go to my advisor for my college (health sciences).  I tell him my dilemma and we're told that they're going to expand the chemistry classes from 16 people to 20 people. But there are at least 8 people vying for those 4 spots.  We talk about alternate things we could do and jumble things all around while waiting for the chemistry class to expand.  He checks again and it's bigger so we grab a spot in the appropriate times.  So the world is all good again in science land.  I'm getting out of the first english because of AP scores, but there are only two english 2 classes offered this fall.  One was at 8am and was about writers and the other was at like 1pm and was about vampires.  I wanted the later vampire one.  Well, it was full.  So I had put the other english in my 'cart', but I really didn't want to take it.  In the spring there will be a lot more english 2 options as everyone else takes it, so we decide to take it next semester and fill that block with a religion class I was going to take sometime like sophomore year.  In the end, everything worked out, but oh my gosh the stress was so high and I'm not especially looking forward to signing up for classes on the computer again.  ever. 
Here's what I ended up:
General Chemistry MWF 10:20-11:10am and the Lab M 2:50-5:20
Freshman Seminar T 11:40-12:30pm
General Physics MWF 8:20-9:10am and Lab T 1:30-4:30
American Government TR 9:50-11:05am
The Christian Faith TR 8:25-9:40am
15 credits total...
It will definitely be busy with Chemistry and Physics and American Gov... but yeah :)

On another note... I have been faced with a decision.  I suck at decisions.  I don't like decisions. For my birthday, my parents were going to get me an iPod nano, like they did my sister.  I have the choice to either get the nano or chip in the difference and get an iPod touch.  The nano is smaller and cuter, but the touch is more fun and advanced.  I really don't know.  At this exact moment (subject to change of course) I'm thinking I'll pitch in and get a touch... but... *sigh*... I just don't know and I hate decisions.  Any advice/thoughts??

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Elena Aronson said...

I'm glad it all worked out. That does sounds stressful. But I still feel bad for you... 5 and a half hours of lab 3 days a week!