Thursday, June 18

can procrastination be a career?

So I have to load my luggage for Project Serve.  I haven't packed a thing.  I haven't even gotten out the suitcase.  I DID pick out the t-shirts I'm going to bring.  That's as far as I've gotten.  And I need to be packed by 5ish tomorrow so that Mom and I can go to the Y with my stuff in the car then stop and drop it off on the way home. I'm not really worried.  This is my 4th Project Serve, so I'm not really worried about WHAT to bring.  And if for some reason I forgot something important, there are stores in Pennsylvania too ;)  I think it's alot easier on the brain when you're not packing with mindset of 'can this get soaking wet and I wont care?'. We're not tenting this year - we're actually staying in some dorms at Lehigh University.  Mom says it will be good practice :)  So other than the paint we'll be working with, I don't have any different concerns than in everyday life.  Oh, but I have to remember the air matress and camping chair (neither of which I have gotten out of the office yet either).  So, I have my list and know what's going where and how, I just have yet to actually do it.  Tomorrow it will happen, I swear ;)

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