Thursday, October 8

i dont want to be selfish, but...

so. i think i've started my last few posts with so. sorry if thats annoying. not that anyone reads this anyways... anyways. i don't know about you, but i like to feel loved and wanted. i feel like i constantly give to other people. i wait for them. i'm friendly. i send them secret sister things. i go out of my way to be nice and kind and loving to them. not trying to be self-righteous or whatever or say that i'm miss wonderful 24/7. but in general, i think i'm pretty giving. so. understandably, i'd like to get things in return. i can't keep giving and get nothing back. i'll end up with nothing. i just feel like i give and never get anything in return. i say something nice and encouraging and they just say thanks. i send them cool things in their mailbox and i get one thing. i feel forgotten. i feel unloved. i feel unwanted. i don't want to be selfish, but i'd like to get something back. i just feel like i give everything and get nothing in return. i know this isn't true all the time, but it sure feels like it. :/

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Pack Mule Mama said...

I agree that sometimes it feels that way. But...there will always be something happen that lets me know my thinking was wrong. I believe that will happen for you, too.

As for the secret sister thing....the secret sister that you send things to is not the one that sends things to you, right? Otherwise it wouldn't be secret. ;) So...hard to judge that one.