Sunday, December 6

oh gosh

so i went to trinity today with debord. i liked it. it made me happy and i really liked the worship and the whole service. now to decide whether to go there or to corinth... i'm gonna go another time or two to trinity though.
and. im still undecided about summer project. NYC or Gatlinburg? NYC is shorter and focused on college students and straight evangelizing. Gatlinburg is longer and more focused on international students and evangelizing through your restaurant job. i go back and forth every often. i want to grow and do what God wants me to do. but i dont know if he wants me to grow and push myself in sharing my faith directly like in NYC, or more subtly but being away from home longer like in Gatlinburg. ah!
i just gotta pray that God will make one or the other (in both choice i have to make) clearly the right choice. ah!
the other part of the oh goshness of this post is oh gosh at life. it is such a roller coaster. at the moment i'm just really happy. like i dont know how to describe it but i know it could only come from God. i'm just so happy and content and ready to do anything. i'm totally fine with being alone tonight cause everyone else is doing homework and such. life is just amazing! :)

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