Friday, February 26

is there such a thing as too productive?

is there such a thing as being too productive? too good at time management? i feel like there might be. and i feel sometimes like i am. i dont know. it just always seems like everyone else is super busy with life and especially school, and im not. i mean some days i have stuff to do almost the whole day, but i don't feel like i'm busy. like i still have an hour here and there to relax or whatever. and none of the stuff i'm busy with is painful... like i like all my classes and work and cru and church stuff... idk. maybe i'm just too good at time management, getting my homework done in a timely manner so i can have time to chill. i'm not at all saying i don't procrastinate, cause i do! but i guess with my conscience, i can only procrastinate so much... like if something's due tuesday, i'll procrastinate on doing it until sunday afternoon, unlike leaving it til monday night like most. i guess it goes back to my need for sleep and relaxing and keeping that a priority. and i guess i don't constantly think 'man! i'm busy! i'm stressed!' i just go with the flow and get things done that need to get done. part of me feels like i should put something more in my schedule so i'm busier. but i really don't want to. i really don't want to stress myself out if i dont have to, especially with my body's known record for reactions to stress.. i'm content with my balance of business and time to relax and chill and hang out in the evenings and weekends. so then i just get annoyed at everyone else for being so tired and busy and not time efficient. i guess this all goes with my weird personality and moods... being perfectly fine alone and with nothing to do at one time, but another, having a desperate feeling/need to hang out, be with people, be social to some extent. and of course it always happens that when my mood swings in the social direction, thats when everyones busy... maybe it's just the wanting what you can't have syndrome... :p

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