Saturday, February 20

my body might just be revolting

i think my body doesn't like me. it's just always not been the happiest camper. i had ear infections all through my childhood, including ruptured eardrums... so i've got eustachian tube dysfunction... then of course youve got all the bumps and bruises and stitches of my childhood, thats not too weird though. and then my stomach/digestive system has never really been very happy. i can eat one thing and it be completely happy and fine and a week later (or even the next day!) i can eat the same thing and pay for it. i'll blame my parents for that one. then my brain doesn't always behave itself... with the whole firing neurons when it's not supposed to thing... and then theres all these other random things wrong with me. you've got my super tight hamstrings and my nonexistent foot arches which results in me not really being able to point my feet and giving me cramps when i try. and my nonexistent wisdom teeth and bottom twelve-year-old molars. and the weird things that the inside of my mouth does, weird painful bumps on my cheeks and palates and everyonce in a while under my tongue. my super sensitivity to hot things (esp eating them). the weird itchy sorta painful bump things on my toes that have recently developed. my weird little toe that hides under the other (though it has flattened out some over the years...). and my super weird joints not liking me. starting with that weird random inflammation and fluid buildup in my knee for no known reason. and my knees and hips and sometimes ankles and shoulders just being mean and not appreciating things. part of me thinks that alot of these things are all symptoms of some random rare disease and that they all fit together somehow (specifically the seizures, joint crap, and the weird bumps in my mouth and on my toes..) i dont know. i just have this feeling that theres something that ties them together... but ya know.. i guess all these weird random things make me who i am and have shaped my personality and thoughts to some extent... and i know that God has a reason for my body to be so weird...
oh, and my feet are huge and i'm rather tall (well only 5'9", but almost all my friends are shorter than me...) i'll blame that on my dad though ;)

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Gnightgirl said...

Will it soothe your mind that I've put on some weight with my life stressors in the last year, and a large part of it has concentrated in a pocket in the right side of my abdomen? Could it at least have distributed itself *evenly* from head to toe and throughout my hair and nails?

Power in numbers. ^5