Sunday, February 21

ya know

i am not what i do.
i am not what others think of me.
i am not what i have.
i am not perfect.
i want to be overflowing with Him.
i want to be confident.
i don't want it to be a me thing.
i want it to be a God thing.
i want to be focused on Him.
i want to grow.
i want to obey.
i want to know.
i want to abide in Him.
i want to let God love me.
i refuse to let the world corrupt me.
i don't want to be afraid.
i want to love others like He's loved me.
i often want the world.
i often let it own me.
i don't want to be owned by this world.
i want to enjoy what i have.
i don't want to want what i don't have.
i want to live my life for Him.
i don't want to worry.
i want to reflect God's glory.
i will fail.
i am free to fail.
i am loved.
i am beautiful.
i am known intimately.
i am broken.
i am not alone.
i will struggle.
i will be tempted.
i am prideful.
i don't want to prideful.
i can be self-destructing.
i don't want to be self-destructing.
i wish for worldly things.
i wish i didn't wish worldly things.
i am human.
i am trapped in this world of sin.
i want to be perfect.
i won't be perfect.
i am an oxymoron.
i want this world.
i want Him.
i wish i didn't want this world.
i can't serve this world and Him.
i choose Him.
i still struggle.
i don't realize what i have.
i want love.
i have love.
i want to find God's love in every little tiny detail.
i need Him.
i am.
i want.
i need.
but ya know,
it's not about me.
it's not about you.
it's about God.
He loves me.
and that's all that really matters.

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*Stella* said...

This is so true!! I love it!! It really makes you think!! And it has helped me think about this semester, and how I need to trust God more because he will lead me through it...he doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Thanks for posting it!!