Wednesday, February 24


rest. we all need it, whether we'd like to think so or not. our bodies, our minds, our souls can't continuously go 24/7, 365 days a year. it just doesn't work like that. in this world, especially this society, its so hard to just rest. to have chill time. alone. without the many distractions. to not be 'productive'. but really... when we rest, we ARE being productive. we are doing ourselves good. i know that if i rest, i'm more productive when i start going again. i think we all could learn to rest better. just stop moving. turn off the noise. and when you rest, you make yourself more open to Him. how could we effectively listen to what He is whispering through and into our lives when we have everything else turned up so loud? turning off the noise could be various things. actually making it quiet, stopping the sound waves. or just relaxing. or making less commitments. or quieting your mind. we all need to rest physically, mentally and spiritually. resting and turning off the noise doesnt necessarily mean you have to go sit in a room in the dark and quiet and alone. i know for me, rest can take the form of painting or piano... it gives me mental rest. my quiet time, alone and quiet and almost in the dark, before i go to bed... gives me spiritual rest. sleep, relaxing, chilling... physical rest. rest looks like different things for different people. take time to just rest. slow down. turn down the noise.

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