Friday, March 26

post 200

seems weird that i've posted 200 times here.
thats not the subject of my post, but thought i should mention it. ;)

-my love language is quality time and words of affirmation and such.
-i feel like more people know me deeply than me know them deeply. (prob cause of my scuba diving...)
-i want things to be perfect and need to realize that they won't be.
-i feel like i'm always going to give more than i get, and i might not really have a choice in the matter.
-i like just being with people, but really like it when we get somewhere with it.
-i need to feel like i've been productive. proof somehow that it was worthwhile.
-i probably rely on other people too much. (emotionally anyway)
-if i keep giving myself to others (emotionally esp), i will end up with nothing left.
-life is not going to be what i plan or even what God intended it to be when He first created us.
-i want to have a fully mutual, equal relationship for once in my life.

i'm headed to black mountain for the weekend for a cru leadership conference. i'm excited and hopefully it will help me further get out of this weird mood.

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Pack Mule Mama said...

You come from a long line of givers. It's where we get our kicks...helping others, making a difference, doing a good job. Sometimes it can catch up with you though. Along the way you will find like just takes the "p" word. ;)