Wednesday, March 24

yielding my right to a healthy body.

we demand right to a healthy body. God did not make us broken. we broke ourselves. so if i belong to Him, i have the right to a healthy body. there are lots of rights that we have and often demand. however. yielding these rights to Him for His greater purpose and plan turns the focus off yourself. it's not about you anyways. i have been bought with a price, Jesus, and am no longer my own. so why don't i give 'my' things, to Him, when He already has them anyways? so i'm gonna yield my rights. i talked about this a bit before, this right yielding stuff. there are lots of rights i need to yield, like financial security, privacy and my own time, recognition and respect, relationships, justice, being understood and approved. and i'm working on it. i think one that i'm sort of on the tail end of though is the right to a healthy body. i think part of the reason is because so often in my past, i haven't really had the choice to yield it. i didn't make the choice to have seizures or chronic joint pain. but i do. so i've sorta been forced to yield my right to good health. but i don't think i've fully given it up. i'm still clinging to that right, thinking that things will work out (which they might and kind of have at the moment). but i'm going to FULLY YIELD it to Him. when i'm in pain, i should not think of myself, but of the One who is taking care of me. the One whose plan and purpose is far greater than i could ever hope for myself. and really. in relation to eternity, having a broken body isn't really that detrimental. He has bought me at a price and owns me and my rights. and if i willingly give them up and yield them to His purpose, God will reward me and give me glory. suffering always preceeds glory and there is great reward here and in eternity. plus. living in this broken world, my rights are constantly violated. so if i yield them to Him anyways, thats even less control this world has over me. it's a continual decision to live for Him and not this world and to yield my rights to Him. but i'm up for it.

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