Sunday, March 28

soli deo gloria.

alright. had a weird last week. not bad. just weird. so i was feeling sorta weird about going to black mountain for the weekend for a cru leadership conference. i'm a freshman so i'm not officially leadership yet. just perspective. but it was really good. i feel like people valued my opinion and insight, even if i'm not an official leader yet and just a dinky freshman. i really enjoyed talking about and planning next semester, with all the events for the new freshman and returners here at Lenoir-Rhyne and bstuds and evangelism stuff. just good. and, as someone mentioned, it all just felt really comfortable. everyone there was legit and we had all been together enough that we know each other. in addition to the leadership/planning/vision (we got a bangin vision statement down i think!), there were talks about other stuff too. i always love learning more and getting new perspective and thinking. i feel like i'm slowly but surely getting a handle on prayer. and as always, the carride and bedtime talk was great. it was just a great experience. i just love all the people involved in cru on our campus and the way that it has helped me grow so much.
this morning, we thought the meeting started at 9 but it really started at 930, so we had an extra half hour to just have quiet time. it was good. it helped me process and write down some things and i prayed for a good 15-20 minutes about our roommate situation (we had 3 for a suite but needed a 4th). that God would just put someone in our path. either someone we already knew or someone we kind of know. and that if He wanted, someone we could influence and pour into. it really put me at peace with the situation. that no matter how it worked out, God would be in it. and really, thats what matters. and my prayer was answered tonight (such quick return Lord!), and we found a 4th. :)
something we talked a bit about in the car on the way back was just about nothing belonging to us. and how, because of Christ, nothing we do comes back to us. the bad (sin) we do, goes through Christ (who paid for our sins) and goes to God as holy and blameless. so God gets the glory. the good we do, doesnt come back to us either though. it goes up to Christ and God, bringing Him glory too. nothing really belongs to us. we have been bought at a price and are no longer the owners of ourselves. now that might sound bad/intimidating. but to me, its relieving. the pressure isn't on me. the burden is on God. and boy, He can take it. so no matter what, either a great weekend, or an answered pray, or even a stormy night, soli deo gloria. glory to God alone. not us.

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