Tuesday, May 4

being active!

it can be a pain to get up and go do. but man, it's worth it. yesterday i tried to go swim at the pool here at school, but it was closed. i just hated getting in my swimsuit and feeling that new, tight, oh so wonderfully feeling suit on and then have to take it off without getting to swim. boo hiss. well, tried again today, though i decided to check out the situation before i got my suit on. closed again. apparently its being drained for repairs or something. well i couldn't not swim another day. i just needed to be in the water. pronto. so, being the resourceful girl i am, i went to the y. they let me in because i'm a member in gso. so i got to swim. it threw off my schedule a bit and made lunch a bit hectic. but it was worth it. i seriously feel like i could've stayed in that pool underwater in my cute green flower suit for hours. alas, lunch and chemistry called. especially now in exam season, physical activity is such a release. and i've always loved the water. and then at the cru cookout tonight there was a pickup game of ultimate frisbee. at first i didn't play, but i really wanted to play, so i did. :) i had forgot how much fun it is to just run around. makes me feel like a kid again and it's hard to think about everything else going on in life when you're running and trying to block and catch and throw. only problem with physical activity: it forces you to take a shower. but thats a minimal side effect. ;) all this physical activity and good feeling about it, makes me wonder why i don't do it more. like should i join a team or something? but i've never played in organized team sports (well not since softball or whatever in michigan...), so the commitment is intimidating. but i really wanna do it more, this moving and shaking thing. the stress relief, that good ache in your muscles that you've done something, the itchy feeling of sweat or chlorine. i love it.

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